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Certified Laser Specialist Member, American Society for Laser Medicine & Surgery First to perform Coolsculpt in Greater Washington Area with over 2,000 treatments to date.


Dr. Shirley A. Olsen embarked on a modeling and fashion design career before pursuing her medical career, receiving degrees at Stanford and New York Medical College. She then trained at Cornell University - New York Hospital and the University of Connecticut to become a sought-after pediatrician.

After practicing for 15 years, she put her career on hold to raise a family and care for her terminally ill father. She then took advanced courses in the field of Laser therapy and skincare at Harvard and the National Laser Institute in Scottsdale, Arizona to become one of the best-trained laser specialists in the state of Maryland, performing spot, spider vein, and hair removal, wrinkle and scar reduction, and laser treatment of acne.

Laser Medicine is one of the newest specialties.  To do it well requires full time hands-on clinical experience over years , and attending meetings every year to keep up to date as there is constant improvement in treatment recommendations and machines. While performing laser treatments, I evaluate the effect that each and every pulse has on my patient's skin, and adjust my lasers immediately as needed.  I have attended the Harvard Laser Medicine course each year for the past 7 years. At my most recent meeting in October, I got confirmation from the experts of my belief that combining modalities gives exponential results,  greater than each modality by itself (the sum is greater than the parts).


For years I have worked closely with my partner, Dr. Gregory Dick, an eminent board-certified plastic surgeon in the Greater Washington area,  in practice for over 28 years.  He and I are both members of ASLMS  (American Society of Laser Medicine S).  I seek his opinion for any skin lesions that do not appear amenable to laser treatment but instead may require surgical removal. And, for patients with severely aged or lax skin that may require surgery as part of the rejuvenation process.


Doing laser early is "preventive medicine for aging".  To prevent the hem of the skirt from sagging, it is important to tighten it early when it starts to sag than later when the entire hem has to redone.  And so it is with aging of the face, where lasers can reverse the damage and early aging seen with previous excessive sun exposure or smoking. With a rapidly growing population of satisfied patients, she has expanded the scope of her practice to include Botox and filler treatments. In addition, Dr. Olsen is one of the first physicians in Maryland to perform CoolSculpting®, a non-invasive fat reduction tool with no down time that has become all the rage.

Why Choose Dr. Olsen for Your Aesthetic Needs

As a previous model, she brings to the practice the added advantage of quickly assessing your needs and knowing what will and won’t work. She is eager to bring all her passion and talent to helping you achieve your goals. As an added bonus, Dr Olsen can share with you her best kept secrets for maintaining youth and beauty. Let her help you to "get back the pretty." Simple techniques. Simple tools. Minimal risk and downtime. All further confirmation of our philosophy of keeping it Simple.

“My personal touch, experience, and results are the reasons for many returning happy patients (who are glad to send me their friends)."

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