Fractional Laser Resurfacing in Rockville, MD

What is a Fractional Laser?

The fractional laser improves or rids the skin of wrinkles and improves scars by thickening your skin using your own collagen and gently tightening loose, crepey skin, delaying the aging process. Older lasers and chemical peels remove superficial layers of skin which thins the skin and speeds up the aging process! These harsh lasers required 2–3 weeks of downtime and left may patients with blotchy, shiny, over-thinned skin. Our laser was invented to reduce the downtime that came with the old resurfacing lasers.

How is Fractional Laser Resurfacing performed?

With fractional lasers, only a “fraction” (20%-30%) of the skin is treated at each session, so patients who are seeking fractional laser resurfacing In Rockville, MD should expect that 3–4 treatment sessions are required, spaced 4 weeks apart. Unlike IPL where it is recommended to treat the entire face to achieve uniform skin, fractional lasers treat the problem area directly. Most patients see results after the 2nd or 3rd treatment, but results continue to slowly progress over the next 3–9 months, as fibroblasts are “turned on” to produce collagen which thickens the skin. It is your collagen, which is why your results last a long time. As you age, menopause, stress, illness, and continued sun exposure all cause skin damage and thinning of skin from loss of collagen, for which we recommend periodic touch-ups.

Fractional Laser Resurfacing Before & After

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Patient Testimonials

What People Say About Us!

"I got Fraxel done with Dr. Olson and am very happy with the results. She was extremely thorough in explaining the entire process and answering all questions."

- Joelle Bonnett

"Dr. Olsen and her staff are amazing! This was my first ever experience at a med spa and they made me feel right at home. I highly suggest Dr. Olsen and I will definitely be returning!!"

- Alexa Wenrich

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Who is a candidate for this treatment?

Candidates for the fractional laser are patients with sun-damaged, wrinkled, or lax skin of the lower lids, face, neck, back of hands, and chest previous or current smokers, and acne, chickenpox, or traumatic scar sufferers. We now recommend that fresh lacerations or surgical scars be lasered 1–2 weeks after injury to speed up and optimize healing. Fractional Laser is also a great way to maintain your facial surgery results. Old sun damage that may have “healed” comes back with hormonal changes.

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Fractional Laser delays the aging process. Patients who have had the laser in their 50’s look great in their 60’s. Even better, consider what we call “Pre-Rejuvenation”. Do fractional laser in your 40’s to rejuvenate your skin early and prevent it from aging rapidly later on. Do it before you desperately need it! We now recommend combining IPL and fractional laser to speed your results and treat problem areas such as dark circles of the lower eyelids. Here, IPL lessens pigment and capillaries while the fractional laser thickens the skin.

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