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What is Laser Skin Therapy?

Over the past 10 years, there have been significant LASER advancements.  They have become gentle and kind.  LASER Medicine is now considered to be a specialty, best performed by physicians with special training who have performed these procedures full time over many years.  To do it well requires a full time, hands-on clinical experience over years, and attending meetings every year to keep up to date, as there are constant improvements in treatment recommendations and machines.

Why Choosing Olson Aesthetics for your Laser Skin Therapy is a right choice

While performing LASER treatments, I evaluate the clinical effect that each and every pulse has on my patient's skin, and adjust my lasers immediately as needed to constantly strive for the best and safest results.  I have attended the Harvard Laser Medicine course each year for the past 7 years. I received hands-on training at the International Institute of Laser Medicine in Scottsdale, Arizona. At my last laser meeting, I got confirmation from the experts of my belief that combining lasers gives exponential results, greater than each laser by itself, ensuring optimal results.

Can you combine Laser Skin Therapy with other procedures?

There is an increasing trend over the past few years to combine lasers and IPL to get optimum results. For years I have worked closely with my partner, Dr. Gregory Dick, an eminent board-certified plastic surgeon in the Greater Washington area, voted one of Washingtonian Magazine “Top Doctors” every year for over 25 years.  He and I are both members of the American Society of Laser Medicine & Surgery. I seek his opinion for any skin lesions that do not appear amenable to laser treatment but instead may require surgical removal. And for patients with severely aged or lax skin that may require surgery as part of the rejuvenation process.

Why you should do Laser Rejuvenation Early

Doing LASER early is preventive medicine for aging, or what we call “pre-rejuvenation”.  To prevent the hem of the skirt from sagging, it is important to tighten it early, as it starts to sag, then later when the entire hem has to be redone.  And so, it is with the aging of the face, where lasers can reverse the damage and early aging seen with previous excessive sun exposure or smoking. It is well known now that there are no cosmeceutical topical creams that can provide the results seen with our lasers, which turn back the clock, repairing the damages of sun and time.  Lasers are much more effective and give quicker results than expensive cosmeceutical creams which we use for maintenance only. We will advise you on low cost creams to help and prevent further damage once the lasers do their job, to maintain your results for years.

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