Hate your stretch marks? Consider laser treatment as a solution!

At Olsen Aesthetics, we understand that imperfections of the skin can make women feel self-conscious when wearing more revealing clothing such as short shorts, crop tops, or bathing suits. A common complaint seen by Dr. Shirley Olsen at her practice is that of stretch marks. Stretch marks are discoloration and texture that can occur to the skin when it has been stretched out. They typically occur with rapid weight gain, periods of fast growth during puberty, and pregnancy. While some women refer to their stretch marks as “tiger stripes” they have earned while carrying their child, others see them as a more negative imperfection and want them removed. Dr. Shirley Olsen finds that with laser therapies, many women can reduce the appearance of stretch marks significantly.

How laser light can treat stretch marks

While there are a variety of creams, lotions, and other topical products that claim to reduce the severity of stretch marks, many of these do not provide noticeable results. This is when patients come to see Dr. Shirley Olsen to learn about laser therapies. Laser treatment can reduce stretch marks in a fast, simple, and non-invasive way that is comfortable and effective. With a special fractional laser device cleared by the FDA, Dr. Shirley Olsen can treat the skin in the targeted area to achieve desirable results. Results are not immediate—this is because the laser light stimulates the body’s natural collagen production beneath the skin. In doing so, the skin is thickened and smoothed, and stretch marks begin to fade and become less noticeable. Most patients will benefit from up to five treatment sessions spaced weeks apart, with each session lasting approximately 15 minutes. There is no downtime, healing, or side effects, making this a popular treatment with our patients.

Learn more about laser stretch mark treatment

Dr. Shirley Olsen of Rockville, MD is pleased to provide patients with laser treatments for enhancing the skin’s texture and tone, specifically improving areas where stretch marks are located. If you are interested in discussing laser treatment for stretch marks with a professional, book a consultation visit with our team at Olsen Aesthetics by calling 301-235-1747. We are committed to helping new and current patients with a wide range of aesthetic concerns with today’s amazing technological advances!

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