Treating leg veins with laser technology at Olsen Aesthetics

Patients in the area of Rockville, MD who are faced with visible veins on the legs may feel self-conscious when wearing shorts, skirts, or bathing suits that can reveal spider and varicose veins. Many patients with varicose veins may also experience itching and discomfort, especially in larger veins that run down the leg. Dr. Shirley Olsen understands how embarrassing these veins can be, and offers a solution: laser leg vein treatment.

What is laser leg vein treatment?

Patients with spider veins and varicose veins often find them to be unattractive. These veins are easily addressed with laser leg vein treatments at Olsen Aesthetics. Dr. Shirley Olsen and her team administer laser light directly into the leg veins to stimulate the process of coagulation. This creates a clot in the vein that closes it up and keeps it from enlarging into varicose veins that can only be treated with surgery. The blood that is traveling through the vein is redirected to larger, healthier veins, and the vein itself is naturally absorbed into the body and no longer physically seen through the skin.

Is laser leg vein treatment safe?

All lasers and light devices used at Olsen Aesthetics are all cleared and approved by the FDA for cosmetic and medical use. We are also experienced and trained in providing laser therapies to our patients in a safe and effective manner. Patients who schedule a consultation appointment at Olsen Aesthetics can ask questions about the devices we use to improve the skin and body for new and current patients. The laser device used for leg vein treatment is utilized by trained professionals who have experience in managing laser light devices and administering safe treatment.

Who is a candidate for laser leg vein treatment?

During a consultation visit with Dr. Shirley Olsen, patients are evaluated to determine their candidacy for treatment. Leg vein therapy using laser light can benefit patients with spider veins or small to medium varicose veins.

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Call 301-235-1747 to request an appointment with Dr. Shirley Olsen and learn more about laser leg vein removal for spider small, and medium veins on the legs. Her practice is located at 9711 Medical Center Drive in Suite 100 and accepts new patients. of the Rockville, MD area.

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