How Botox can erase the signs of aging and allow patients to look younger longer!

While plastic surgery is always an option for reducing the signs of aging on the face, it is often expensive, invasive, and puts patients at risk of developing infection. Because many patients want to avoid surgery, the team at Olsen Aesthetics offers a line of cosmetic injectables that can be used to reduce fine lines and wrinkles without patients going “under the knife.” One popular injectable is that of Botox.

What is Botox?

At Olsen Aesthetics, we have a number of safe and FDA-approved cosmetic injectables available for patients seeking anti-aging solutions. With Botox, patients can rest easy, as this neuromodulator or “neurotoxin” has been used for decades in addressing dynamic wrinkles of the face. Dynamic wrinkles are folds that are created in the face due to muscle tension. Dynamic wrinkles are best treated with Botox when compared to alternatives such as Juvéderm. Botox is injected directly into the muscles of the face to reduce tension and smooth fine lines and wrinkles such as the crow’s feet around the eyes, forehead folds, and glabellar lines.

What can I expect from my Botox injections?

Dr. Shirley Olsen and her team invite patients into the practice for a consultation appointment to determine if they are good candidates for cosmetic injectables such as Botox. During the evaluation, patients are encouraged to speak to their doctor about the areas of concern on the face. If Botox is not a good fit, other options may be discussed such as Juvéderm dermal fillers, which are also readily available. In some cases, patients may benefit from a combination of both.

Once injections are completed, patients may experience mild side effects which will subside on their own, including bruising, swelling, redness, and itching at the injection site. However, the results can last several months before reinjection is needed, and a future maintenance appointment can be made before patients leave the office from their first set of injections with Dr. Shirley Olsen.

Request more information about Botox

Dr. Shirley Olsen and her team in Rockville, MD are pleased to offer patients solutions for aging skin, including Botox cosmetic injectables. Call 301-235-1747 to schedule your initial consultation appointment at our practice and find out if you are a good candidate.

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