How are lasers used for treating acne?

The local drugstore has an entire aisle dedicated to facial skin solutions for patients, including a vast majority of acne products. Creams and oral medications are common ways for patients to combat unwanted acne. However, there’s another treatment that can be used in conjunction with many of these therapies and can provide noticeable, long-term results: laser acne treatment.

What is acne?

Acne is a skin condition that affects millions of Americans. Many believe that acne is just seen in teenagers as their hormones change dramatically during puberty. However, this is not the case. Patients of all ages, including adult patients in their 30’s and 40’s, may struggle with acne. The condition is not always easily covered up with makeup, and can be hard to control if patients are not educated in proper skin care routines for acne-prone skin. In fact, many cosmetics can cause acne to flare. Working with a trained professional to discuss treatment options for acne is the first step in taking charge!

Laser therapy for acne

Many patients work with Dr. Shirley Olsen of Olsen Aesthetics to discuss their unique situation and speak to a professional about the best possible therapies for treating their acne. Laser therapy is a highly recommended treatment for patients who visit our practice. Using the intense pulsed light device, or “IPL” device, bacteria that resides on the skin can be targeted and destroyed. Bacteria on the skin often contributes to flare-ups and breakouts, so treating it directly is the most effective method. Patients who have regular IPL treatments performed at our practice will find that they will have faster improvements in their acne and longer remissions between treatments. When paired with proper skincare products, patients can finally enjoy clear skin!

Work with our team at Olsen Aesthetics today to discuss acne therapies

If you are tired of dealing with your acne, it may be time to speak to Dr. Shirley Olsen of Rockville, MD about the benefits of laser therapy. In conjunction with a proper skincare routine and product use, many patients will achieve noticeable results that improve their self-confidence and the health of their skin. Call 301-235-1747 to schedule a consultation visit to learn more.

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